Course Description

A core piece of any website, product or service offering, is a unique identifier. If nothing sets your website apart from its competition, you won’t be set up for success. What are your current customers saying about your website or product? How have you set yourself apart from the competition? What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? Why YOU specifically, instead of the customer across the street? What is your CVP (Customer Value Proposition)? This program will walk you through best practices around exactly how to differentiate yourself from your competitors and make your business the obvious choice for customers.

What You Will Learn

How to create your WHY statement, and why that is important. How to differentiate yourself from your competitors by using more than just price – which only creates a race to the bottom for your product or services. How to define your USP and CVP so you become the obvious choice for your customers. How to effectively illustrate the problems you solve better than anyone else.

  • Creating your Unique Identifier
  • Creating your USP
  • Speaking to Benefits vs Features
  • Building your WHY Statement
  • Creating your CVP
  • Understanding Tribe Mentality


  • People are willing to pay more for a better experience or a unique identifier. 
  • Creating a price-only differentiator will create a race to the bottom amongst you and your competitors. No one wins.
  • Customers respond to quality, value, status or perception, experience, belief or community – not just price.


Any business or individual looking to set themselves apart from their competition by creating value for their end customer. Differentiators should not be explicit to price point. This module highlights the proper outline for your USP and CVP and will make you the obvious choice for your customers.

Prior Knowledge

This differentiator module requires no prior knowledge in the online, digital marketing, nor eCommerce spaces. It is designed to provide step-by-step visuals and examples as an easy-to-use guideline to help get you to the next level with your online marketing efforts.

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