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A prescriptive report with hands-on action to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

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Website Performance Report

  • Page Load Speed: Metrics on how quickly your site loads on both desktop and mobile.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Analysis of how well your site performs on mobile devices.
  • User Experience Metrics: Data on bounce rates, session durations, and click-through rates.
  • Technical SEO: Issues related to robots.txt, sitemaps, schema markup, GSC and more.
  • On-Page SEO: Evaluation of metadata, titles, descriptions, header tags, & keywords.
  • Conversion Rate: Metrics on how well your site is converting traffic into desired actions (e.g., sales, sign-ups).

Competitive Analysis Report

  • Keyword Rankings: How your keywords stack up against competitors.
  • Backlink Profile: Comparison of your backlink quality and quantity with competitors.
  • Content Analysis: Types and quality of content competitors are producing.
  • Social Media Presence: Comparative metrics on social media engagement and reach.
  • Market Share: Estimation of your digital market share compared to competitors.
  • SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in the competitive landscape.

Content Marketing Calendar & Content Recommendations

  • Content Inventory: List of existing content and its performance metrics.
  • Content Gaps: Identification of topics or keywords not yet covered.
  • Content Calendar: A schedule outlining when and what type of content will be published.
  • Content Types: Recommendations on blog posts, videos, webinars, etc., based on audience preference and engagement.
  • KPIs: Key Performance Indicators to measure content effectiveness.
  • SEO Recommendations: Suggestions for optimizing each piece of content for search engines.

Backlink Report

  • Backlink Profile: List of all backlinks pointing to your site.
  • Quality Assessment: Evaluation of the quality of these backlinks (DA, PA, Spam Score).
  • Toxic Links: Identification of potentially harmful backlinks.*
  • Competitor Backlinks: Insights into backlinks your competitors have that you don’t.
  • Backlink Opportunities: Suggestions for potential backlink sources.
  • Action Plan: Strategies for backlink acquisition and removal of toxic links.

Accessibility and Compliance

  • ADA Compliance: Audit for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • W3C Standards: Check for HTML and CSS validation.
  • Privacy Policies: Review of GDPR, CCPA, or other relevant privacy compliance.
  • Security: Analysis of SSL certificates and other security protocols.
  • Legal Compliance: Any other industry-specific compliance checks.
  • Recommendations: Steps to ensure the website is accessible and compliant.

Local SEO Report

  • Google My Business: Analysis of your GMB profile, including reviews, ratings, and visibility.
  • Local Keywords: Performance of location-specific keywords.
  • Local Citations: Audit of your business listings on local directories.
  • Competitor Local SEO: How competitors are performing in local search.
  • Local Backlinks: Quality and quantity of locally relevant backlinks.
  • Action Plan: Strategies for improving local visibility and engagement.

Social Signals Report

  • Social Engagement: Metrics on likes, shares, and comments across platforms.
  • Traffic from Social: How much traffic social media channels are driving to your site.
  • Influencer Interactions: Any mentions or interactions with social media influencers.
  • Competitor Social Signals: Comparative metrics against competitors.
  • Content Performance: Which types of social content are performing best.
  • Recommendations: Strategies for improving social signals that can impact SEO.

User Behaviour Analysis

  • Heatmaps: Visual representations of where users click, scroll, and how they navigate.*
  • User Journeys: Paths that users take through your site.
  • Exit Pages: Where users most frequently leave your site.
  • New vs Returning Users: Metrics on user retention and new user acquisition.
  • Device Analysis: Breakdown of user behaviour by device (desktop, mobile, tablet).
  • Improvement Suggestions: Recommendations based on user behaviour to enhance UX and conversions.

International SEO

  • Hreflang Tags: Audit of tags to ensure correct language targeting.
  • Country Targeting: Analysis of geo-targeting settings in Google Search Console.
  • International Backlinks: Quality and relevance of backlinks from international domains.
  • Content Localization: Effectiveness of localized content for different regions.
  • Competitor International SEO: How competitors are performing in different countries.
  • Action Plan: Strategies for improving international visibility.

* May involve third-party tools with additional costs

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