Progress over Perfection

Do it now. Perfect will never arrive. Doubt enters the scene and you’ll second-guess your ideas.

“How Do You Record Videos? Are They Scripted or Do You Just Wing-It?”

Strive for progress, not perfection.

I’m going to hold myself to a single take of this video. If you have a project that you’ve been wanting to do, or a goal that you were looking to achieve, but there’s a part of you waiting until you have the ideal equipment or the exact timing or whatever it is, you are letting time slip by, and importantly you’re letting that burning desire you had when you first sparked the idea, slip away. 

It starts to fade over time, and all the hype you had fades with it. Doubt enters the scene, and “maybe it wasn’t such a great idea after all”, and so on. Personally, I’ve gotten much less discerning in my own content. I’m posting a lot of videos on their first take, with no editing. Maybe the lighting isn’t perfect, whatever the case may be. My first few videos, especially material that I recorded a year or two ago, had to be perfect. I can say without a doubt that I let opportunities slip by because I was striving for perfection. 

I gained little to no progress because I was just, I was in a holding pattern. I’d record, I’d mess up, I’d scratch the whole thing, I’d re-record, I’d not like something, I’d scratch that too. I had a couple of dozen drafts that went nowhere – the trash can. After my 30th or 40th video recorded, I was finally comfortable enough and started letting any grammatical errors slide, or if I misspoke I simply corrected it later in the video or in editing or in the comments or in the description, when I would post the video live. 

Perfect will never arrive, but now I have nearly 50 videos recorded and out there as helpful tools for many people and lead generation for my business. I was in Miami at Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Con, and his wife Elena took the stage to talk about her new book. She said she was 10 months into writing her book when Grant sparked an idea for his latest book, sat down while the iron was hot, and hammered out his entire book in three days. Was it perfect? No. He admitted, on stage, that there were grammatical errors and even spelling mistakes, in a book.

But he had a burning message that he wanted to send and he wasn’t prepared to wait and let his momentum and some of that fire slip away. He challenged Elena and even called her out, and she had, she said she had resentment at first, but it lit a fire under her ass, and she finished her book. And now they’re both stronger for it in the end. So the message is make daily progress.  Projects, weight loss, business goals, even around the house.  Whatever it is, make daily progress and stop waiting around for perfect to never arrive.

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Kevin O'Leary

Shark, Dragon, Entrepreneur

“Anything you can do to enhance the productivity of your marketing in the digital world is extremely valuable, and Mike has the credibility to do this.”

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