Revenge versus Momentum

Revenge shouldn’t be your motivator.
Remember why you started and regain momentum.

"How Have You Handled Conflict and Maintained Momentum?"

Revenge should not be a motivator frankly, but the fact is, it can be a powerful one.

We are all human, we have all faced our own personal and professional plights.

I’ve been told in the workplace that I was naive for thinking too positively. Someone else unhappy in their own job or with their own situation, deflected their feelings onto me for being too positive in the workplace. 

My solution, keep on doing me and making my contributions.

I have been lied to, falsely accused and even threatened, all in the workplace.

There are moments of reflection where I think back to absolutely awful people and brutal experiences, and then I think about where I am now and how far I’ve come, and I didn’t come this far, just to come this far.

I remember back to the time when I only wished I could go as far as I am today.

The best thing I can do in these moments rather than spiral out of control and become negative, is put my head down and focus harder, be better.

I’m not trying to be better than anyone else. I am however actively trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.

I focus on all of the positive people I’ve crossed paths with, those that have left a lasting and positive impact. 

I focus on Brain, Body and Brand, and I strive daily to improve each one of them.

I may do a future video on this but I’ve been asked about all my white boards, here and here and this one, many times.  I have maybe 7 or 8 throughout the house and this one in my bedroom that looks like this. So I make sure that I can check all 3 boxes every day of the week. 

The people who have wronged you in the past are still living their lives, whether it is just or fair that whatever happened, happened.

The fact is 9 times out of 10, the best thing you can do to stick it to someone else, is use the way you are feeling to fuel your fire and be more productive and successful than ever. 

Face it, there is a fantastic chance that they are not sitting at home thinking about you, the same way that you are consuming your time and mind share thinking about them.  

Be productive. Be positive. Get moving. Remember why you started and regain that momentum.