If You Hadn’t Given Up

Failure and success are on the same path. Success is just a little further down the line.

“I Gave Up My Business and Went Back to the 9-5 and I Hate It.”

Imagine where you’d be today if you hadn’t given up.

Everyone started somewhere.

Most successful people today, have fallen flat on their face 25 times before becoming the person they are now.

In fact you hear many people attributing the falling down 25 times and having to get back up 26, as the reason they are who they are today.

Being fired or told that you aren’t good enough by an authority figure or someone in a position of power, is demoralizing without question, but it is also a test of grit and tenacity.

Walt Disney was fired from his animation job at the Kansas City Star newspaper. The editor said he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.

JK Rowling, was fired from her job as secretary for the London office of Amnesty International.

Oprah Winfrey was fired as a reporter at the Baltimore evening news and was told that she was unfit for television news, for getting too emotionally invested in her stories. 

Failure, after failure, after failure.

Watching a no-name person go through it again and again seems so stubborn, it’s almost laughable, but the reason we know some of these household name failures today, is they kept getting back up.

We could live in a world without Disneyland or Harry Potter or the world of influence and change led by Oprah.

The only real way to fail in business is quit or die.

If you persist through anything and everything you are faced with, then there is nothing left after failure besides success. 

Failure and success are on the same path. Success is just a little further down the line.

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