The Downstream Effect

One valuable subscription can often lead to the next subscription, tool or resource. Here are mine.

“Which Podcasts or Newsletters Do You Subscribe To?”

This one is going to be short, but sweet. I’m often asked which subscriptions I have or what newsletters I receive.

Before I give my list of subscriptions, I’ll quickly state that I’m a huge proponent of subscribing to industry and competitor newsletters. So, some of my subscriptions include but are not limited to, Finimize, The Hustle, Trends, 1440, IABC, Shift, Elevator, Moz, ClickFunnels and Retail Insider today. Just a handful.

Sometimes if a subscription fails to offer value over an extended period of time, of course I will unsubscribe, however oftentimes the additional value here is via partnerships and similar offerings and therefore this list of mine has organically grown over time. 

Through my Moz subscription, which is primarily SEO and what’s going on in the search engine world, I was made aware of Exploding Topics – a weekly newsletter that delivers on search volume trends and extrapolates the top 5 or 10 searches over the past week with a summary of each one, what they are, why people have decided to suddenly start searching in droves and where the people searching are located in the world and why it all matters.  

Recently, I was actively looking for a simple product that would take my video or audio content, transcribe it for me into a text document, that would allow me to then either use it as a blog post or downloadable PDF files, overlay the writing from my videos for those who prefer to read videos on mute, social media viewers, those at work, maybe in the bathroom.

The idea being to reach as wide of an audience as possible.

So the exploding topics newsletter, a product of my Moz subscription, informed me of Designrr.io, and it does exactly what I was looking for.

So the takeaway here is the downstream effect.

Keeping current and subscribed to a list of in-the-know, curated emails and newsletters, each of which maybe take 3 minutes in the morning to read, prepares me for the rest of my day with highly relevant news and materials that help me in my line of work, or to better do my job.

A properly managed list of newsletters have effectively replaced the newspaper with much more timely, relevant and engaging information, designed to be helpful versus just time killers over breakfast or throughout your morning routine. 

Google newsletters for your industry and over the next few weeks you will find which ones are helpful and which ones are not so much, and over time the helpful ones will very likely recommend other helpful subscriptions, tools, services, people to follow, Etc… and eventually you’ll come out on top using this downstream method.

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