The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Richard Branson said, ‘If you can’t fit it on the back of an envelope, it is rubbish’.

"How Can I Perfect My Elevator Pitch? It's Complicated."​

How would you describe what you do to a 10 year old without being condescending?

There is a delicate balance between someone being interested versus understanding what you are telling them, when you are describing what you do.

You need to perfect a 30-second elevator pitch.

Richard Branson said, “if you can’t fit it on the back of an envelope, it is rubbish”. 

I can easily confuse and bore a group of people by telling them I focus on attribution modelling, e-commerce channel optimization, conversion pathing and online analytics.

That’s saying a lot without actually telling you anything, it’s all buzzwords.

Tell me what it is that you do, in a manner that a 10 year old would understand.

Not your title, telling me you’re a business owner is so vague and generalized.

What do you do as a business owner or an entrepreneur that provides value?

What do you do in your day-to-day job that you love the most that provides the most value to others?

Entrepreneur, Teacher, Mechanic, Accountant, Consultant, Nurse, what have you.

There are ways of saying what it is that you do and what problems that you solve, what value you provide regardless of position, that can captivate your audience versus put them to sleep. 

Try it at home in the mirror, write it down and say it aloud until you feel confident that’s your elevator pitch.

Trial and error until you get it right.

If you are a business owner, ensuring your team members have a sound understanding of what problems the business solves, is included in an elevator pitch.

A potential customer, guest, or client should get the very same answer about your business and what problems it solves, regardless of which employee they ask.